Be One With Your Shadow

Who am I?

My name is Benny Ng. I’m the vocalist and songwriter of Shadowary.

Shadowary is a heavy rock band from Sydney, Australia. At the moment, I’m the only member in it. I’ll find more members soon!

I was born and raised in Malaysia. I’m Malaysian Chinese and I celebrate Lunar New Year.

I love the ocean and nature.

I’m also a vocal coach and primary school teacher.

Why I Make Music?

Music has always been my passion, but I didn’t start learning to sing until I was 17.

I wrote my first song lyric when I was 13. It was for a school assignment. I wrote it for my plant. I got full marks for that assignment, by the way 🙂

I also have a passion for acting, but I chose music as my main creative outlet because it lets me write and perform my own work.

High school was a tough period for me. It gave me a well of life experiences to draw from when I write songs.

I love the idea of expressing myself through the songs I write whilst inspiring/helping people deal with those emotions.

And that’s why I make music.


Back in 2019, I released an EP called “MANIFEST”. It had 4 tracks in it.

I also released a music video for my debut single called “ALL ALONE”.

It was a great way for me to test the waters of the music industry.

It was the first taste of more to come.

A Statement… A Way of Life

Since the release of MANIFEST, a lot has changed in both my professional and personal lives.

The pandemic and lockdowns showed me new ways to do things and new directions to take.

I’m ready to take the next steps to elevate my music career.

One of the things I’m doing is to launch my own merch store.

Over the years, I gave out free merch (t-shirts, custom guitar picks etc) to my fans and sold some CDs here and there. I never had a store. I thought this was a good time to start somewhere.

My merch is a way that you can support me on my musical journey, while making a statement about who you are.

To you, Shadowary can mean different things.

To me, Shadowary means being one with my shadow.

Being one with your shadow means embracing the good and (supposedly) bad parts of yourself. So that you can be the unique human being that you are.

In psychology, they call this “shadow work”.

shadowary short bio sydney rock band

Be One With Your Shadow

We all have light and dark sides. To be accepted by the society and ourselves, we tend to focus on the bright side of our personality.

We often suppress/ignore/dismiss/try to forget about the parts of ourselves that are negative. As a result, those parts get pushed deep into our subconscious, only to reappear when we least expect it.

This is called our “shadow self”.

Carl Jung (renowned psychologist) said:

“The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.”

In order for us to truly know and accept ourselves, we need to acknowledge, confront and ultimately accept our shadow self.

This is like bringing your shadow self to the dinner table, look each other in the eye and come to an agreement.

Hence, being one with your shadow.

Shadowary Merch Store

There are 4 products in my merch store: 2 sweatshirts and 2 t-shirts.

The apparel are made in France and shipped from France.

I chose that company because they are eco-friendly.

They use organic cotton and environmentally-friendly printing techniques.

And they don’t use plastic in their packaging.

I care deeply about the environment and that’s why these are important to me when choosing a manufacturer for my merch.

Launch Offer

Since these products cost a lot to make, they naturally have a higher cost for me.

The profit margin for me is really small for these merch but I want to reward you for being my loyal supporters over the years.

Therefore, you can get the t-shirts for only $25 and sweatshirts for only $50.

Yes, you can probably get cheaper clothes from the mall but would they make you feel the same way?

I’m not sure how long I can keep them at this price so order now while you can!

How It Works

Pick a product you like. Select your size. Add to cart. Checkout.

Your Shadowary merch will be shipped to you from France.

Wear it with pride.

Order now!