Heavy rock with a molten core



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Lyrics for MANIFEST


“very impassioned and thoughtfully crafted…” – When The Horn Blows (Karla Harris)

“The song “all alone” combines both of the great aspects of edm and rock in the catchy synth melody and the haunting lyrics this song truly sounds amazing I’m looking forward to further releases I rate this song 9 out of 10 rubber chickens.” – Jacob Gould

“All alone is one of a kind song that i listen to when im down and it never fails to restore my faith and confidence in myself.” – Nikita Klaro

“I think this song is great, the gritty vocals really emphasize the dark lyrics, and the instriments sound great. The melody also fits in perfectly with the lyrics and the instruments.” – Stefano

“All Alone is an amazing song. I once thought the music scene of Sydney wasn’t overly good, but after I listened to All Alone, faith in indie, Australian music was revitalised. The song is brilliant. I love the metaphor of being stuck on an island. It’s a great metaphor about the sadness that Benny is experiencing. It’s a great song!” – Thierry Krause

“Absolutely amazing song. Reminds me of Linkin Park so much and despite its sad lyrics, make me feel like I’m NOT alone. Have it on repeat now.” – Luke

“I love the riff at the intro so frickin much!!! Honestly can listen to it all day everyday during anytime of the day or any mood. I can really feel the emotion through the vocals and the lyrics. Great mixing btw! Instrumental is beautiful too, love the distorted guitar it goes very well with your vocals.” – Issa Tejima

“I honestly love the song, the chorus is catchy – unique voice and you can hear the emotion poured into it as well! I look forward to listen to more songs from Shadowary in the future.” – Sophia

“I love the way the music perfectly corresponds with the differnt sung notes. Very good!!!! 4.5/5” – Winston

“It really is a good song and has so many features, I just love everything about it. It’s also really easy to remember the lyrics so I can sing it all the time. I’m not really a music person myself but I can tell that you have a gift and are something special. Keep up the good work and can’t wait for new music!!!” – Marco Blanda

“One of my friends showed this to me and oh my god the first few notes were so captivating! Damn i’m impressed, you are a better singer than I ever will be. I really hope new stuff is coming out because all alone was just sooooo goooood. I’ve already showed two of my friends and they loved it! Can’t wait for new music! Keep it up!” – Joe

“Epic beyond belief – this is so good.” – Patrick McCrudden

“This song is just an absolute MASTERPIECE! the dynamics and tonality are perfectly executed.“ – James Harper

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