Part 3: WE ARE LIVE!

Shadowary Merch Store

There are 4 products in my merch store: 2 sweatshirts and 2 t-shirts.

The apparel are made in France and shipped from France.

I chose that company because they are eco-friendly.

They use organic cotton and environmentally-friendly printing techniques.

And they don’t use plastic in their packaging.

I care deeply about the environment and that’s why these are important to me when choosing a manufacturer for my merch.

Launch Offer

Since these products cost a lot to make, they naturally have a higher cost for me.

The profit margin for me is really small for these merch but I want to reward you for being my loyal supporters over the years.

Therefore, you can get the t-shirts for only $25 and sweatshirts for only $50.

Yes, you can probably get cheaper clothes from the mall but would they make you feel the same way?

I’m not sure how long I can keep them at this price so order now while you can!

How It Works

Pick a product you like. Select your size. Add to cart. Checkout.

Your Shadowary merch will be shipped to you from France.

Wear it with pride.

Order now!