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Be wary of your shadow.

Everyone has light and dark sides – our choices determine who we are.

Formed by Benny Ng and based in Sydney, Australia, Shadowary makes angst-ridden rock music that infuses synthesized sonic creations with electric and acoustic instruments. Well-crafted lyrics set to catchy melodies on a backdrop of interwoven sounds – Benny’s soaring and gritty vocals inject raw passion into the songs.

“Writing and singing songs is how I deal with my emotions. Music gave me an outlet for my frustration and anger. I want to do the same for others. I want people to be inspired by our music and know that they’re not alone,” Benny said.

Benny Ng - vocalist of Shadowary

After penning “All Alone” and posting the home-recorded demo onto SoundCloud, Shadowary was discovered by renowned Sydney producer, Leon Berger (Hit Music Producers Inc). Impressed by what he heard, Leon offered to produce a 4-track EP for Shadowary. Citing Linkin Park, Trifonic and My Chemical Romance as his influences, Benny wrote the songs based on his life experiences.

ALL ALONE  – Shadowary‘s debut single out now:


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