MANIFEST _ Debut EP Released Worldwide

Today, our debut EP _ MANIFEST has been released to all major streaming services worldwide.

“The production process for this EP started around 4 years ago. It’s just a great feeling to finally share it with our fans,” Benny says.

Fans have used words like “empowering”, “godly” and “innovative” to describe Shadowary‘s music.

“It feels amazing to inspire our fans through our music. It’s like my pain has a purpose. Through our music, our fans get to feel that they are not alone in feeling the same way as I did (when I was going through rough patches in my life).”

Stream MANIFEST here:

ALL ALONE – Music Video Shoot

3 weeks ago, we filmed the music video for our debut single: “ALL ALONE”.

Shot on location in Redfern NSW, Peter Yu (our director) helped turn our vision into a reality. The whole shoot lasted for 6 hours. We got footage in daylight and night time.

Fun fact: we filmed some of the scenes in super speed – meaning I had to sing really fast when filming those scenes.

I guess my mouth was more tired than my legs by the end of the day.

I had such a blast – thanks to the professionalism of Peter and the interesting ideas he brought with him.

Stay tuned for the finished music video 🙂


Just In: MANIFEST Out To Supporters

Our crowdfunding campaign supporters have received their digital copy of our debut EP, MANIFEST.

We were thrilled by the wonderful feedback about the tracks.

It was such a satisfying feeling – writing, recording, raising $$ and ultimately, manifesting the EP into reality.

We’re now choosing the debut single off the EP and our campaign supporters will have a say in that!

EP release date will hopefully be early 2019.