Initialize – Exclusive Instrumental Track

Initialize is a rock instrumental track that I wrote with contributions from two of our loyal supporters, Issa Tejima and Oliver Iwakura.

During the lockdown period, I had a lot of free time so I decided to work on my production and composition skills.

At around that time, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park started doing live streams of him making music. That was a dream come true. I had always wanted to see his writing process.

Watching those videos and using what I learnt at university, I came up with this track with the help of Issa and Oliver.

This has been a fulfilling experience because I would always start by writing lyrics first then melody then the harmony or the backing music.

Writing an instrumental is something almost completely new for me.

You can listen to the whole track by signing up for free here:

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MANIFEST _ Debut EP Released Worldwide

Today, our debut EP _ MANIFEST has been released to all major streaming services worldwide.

“The production process for this EP started around 4 years ago. It’s just a great feeling to finally share it with our fans,” Benny says.

Fans have used words like “empowering”, “godly” and “innovative” to describe Shadowary‘s music.

“It feels amazing to inspire our fans through our music. It’s like my pain has a purpose. Through our music, our fans get to feel that they are not alone in feeling the same way as I did (when I was going through rough patches in my life).”

Stream MANIFEST here:

ALL ALONE – Music Video Shoot

3 weeks ago, we filmed the music video for our debut single: “ALL ALONE”.

Shot on location in Redfern NSW, Peter Yu (our director) helped turn our vision into a reality. The whole shoot lasted for 6 hours. We got footage in daylight and night time.

Fun fact: we filmed some of the scenes in super speed – meaning I had to sing really fast when filming those scenes.

I guess my mouth was more tired than my legs by the end of the day.

I had such a blast – thanks to the professionalism of Peter and the interesting ideas he brought with him.

Stay tuned for the finished music video 🙂


Just In: MANIFEST Out To Supporters

Our crowdfunding campaign supporters have received their digital copy of our debut EP, MANIFEST.

We were thrilled by the wonderful feedback about the tracks.

It was such a satisfying feeling – writing, recording, raising $$ and ultimately, manifesting the EP into reality.

We’re now choosing the debut single off the EP and our campaign supporters will have a say in that!

EP release date will hopefully be early 2019.


And It Is All Over! Now, The Real Work Begins

Our crowdfunding campaign has ended.

We’ve successfully raised enough $$ to finish our EP 🙂

I’m super grateful for your support. I worked hard for the 37 days of the campaign (and many more days before that).

I’ve learned to deal with rejection. There were non-believers who would give me ‘advice’ on something they knew nothing about.

But most of all, I’m just blown away by your generosity.

I want to thank Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR. Her book, Crowdstart, helped me to prepare, launch and follow through with my campaign up until the last day.

Without it, I wouldn’t even dream of crowdfunding.

So, check her out at

Now, the real work begins!

Where To From Here?

Our crowdfunding campaign ends in less than a week. We are so grateful for all the support we’ve received so far.

What’s next for us?

Well, we’ll finish recording our debut EP and start recruiting band members to complete our lineup. We’ll be looking for a guitarist, bassist, drummer and keyboardist.

After that, it will be time to record a music video for our very first single!!

We’ll launch a marketing campaign on social media to promote the music video when it’s done.

That will then pave the way for gigs, performances, record and publishing deals!

It is all getting very exciting and we can’t wait to share our music with you!

How Do I Write Songs?

I started writing songs when I move to Australia in 2007.

I still remember the first song that I wrote. It was a love song. I showed it to my singing teacher at that time and he was impressed.

From then on, I have written close to 30 songs and instrumentals.

I also took composition lessons from my guitar teacher, Victor Martinez.

He showed me how to use chords to add different layers of harmony to my songs. He would advise me to use unconventional chord progressions to add variety to my music.

Being mainly a singer, I pay a lot of attention to lyrics and melody. Victor opened the door to another world for me as a songwriter.

When I first started writing songs 11 years ago, I would always start my songwriting process with the lyrics. I would come up with the main message of the song and then build it up from there. Drawing from a well of life experiences, I always based my songs on things that happened to me. It was the only way I know to be authentic.

Once I was satisfied with the lyrics, I would then put a melody to it by singing the words and hearing what sounded good to me. I liked my melodies to be catchy and flowing so that it was more engaging.

I liked to take long walks or get on the train when I was writing melodies. Being out and about would give me a fresh perspective – making songwriting a lot easier. Once a melody ‘came’ to me, I would sing and record it with my phone (by using the Recorder app).

The next step would be to transcribe the melody using music notation software such as Sibelius. Doing that also helped me to improve my music theory knowledge immensely.

When I’m satisfied with the lyric and melody, it was time to add chord progressions. I liked to sing the song while playing different chords to see how they sound together.

Once that is done, I would use recording software such as Garageband and Pro Tools to record a demo of the song. It is at this stage that I would design sounds to add to the track.

The demo would then be sent to our producer, Leon Berger, who would then make it sound professional and ready for media release.

Over the years, I have learned so much more about music composition and my songwriting process has evolved. I am experimenting with different ways of writing songs and am curious as to where that will that me!

Why I Write Songs

People make and compose music for different reasons.

Some enjoy interweaving chords and melodies to make beautiful compositions. Some like the freedom of creating music that they enjoy listening to.

For me, the main drive to write music is to express my emotions. Music is my outlet for all the frustration and anger I feel but could not express otherwise. That is why the rock genre appealed to me as a songwriter and performer.

At age 13, I discovered Linkin Park and heard “Points of Authority” for the first time. Chester Bennington’s powerful voice struck a chord (actually many chords) with me. I knew then that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

Growing up in Malaysia, I had a wonderful childhood. I enjoyed my primary school years very much.

However, things changed when I went to high school. I was bullied and felt isolated from my peers. I did not get much support from the teachers and I felt alone.

I would daydream during class and wished I was anywhere but there. I had no friends and my grades suffered.

Instead of doing my homework, I would put my legs up on my desk and get lost in the music playing through my headphones. For some reason, the soundscape lifted my spirits and the lyrics made me feel like I was not the only one going through difficulties in life.

Although I would only gain the skills to write songs years after I graduated from high school, the desire to write songs that will move and inspire people has always been there.

Lyrics carry a lot of weight as to whether I would like a song or not. Therefore, I would always write lyrics first, followed by melody and chords (although this has changed recently).

My personal life experiences provided me with a bottomless well to draw from. I began to embrace both positive and negative life circumstances because I knew that even if things do not go my way, I would still get a good song out of it.

And that makes me happy.


Eleven years ago, I moved to Australia with the hopes of being a professional musician.

After completing 4 university courses, I’ve now got the skills and confidence to finally form a rock band.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve been working tirelessly on my vocal, songwriting and audio production skills. I’ve written more than 30 songs and four of those songs have been chosen to be recorded professionally at a recording studio.

After being approached by a renowned Sydney producer, I’ve partnered up with him to record our debut album and music video.

To cover the costs of recording the album and music video, I’ve decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign (

The rewards include personalized thank-you video, hand drawn card, signed album, yoga classes, chance to appear in our music video and private house concert.

This is one of the biggest steps I’ve taken in my music career since moving to Australia. It will boost my music career beyond my wildest dreams.

Please join me in launching my music into the world and I look forward to sharing the album and music video with you!

Go here for our campaign: